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Available for every Industry & Individual.

Works with Microsoft Office, Adobe & 3rd Party software.

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With your Exact-U-Sign Live Stamp you can:

ExactUSign is more than just a live signature, it's a complete web-based Signature 
                       Solution that helps you close more business and make more money.


ExactUSign is not a computerized Digital Signature. It your own Signature and is 
                       accepted by Banks and other Legal entities!

  No Monthly Fee
  No Printing, No Scanning, No Faxing to add your Signature
  No waiting for other parties in the transaction to sign
  Add your Signature  on an existing PDF document from any computer
  Retrieve your signature using any computer
  Clients can also Sign an existing PDF document online using any computer
 Signatures are saved on your computer or our Secure Server
 Works with Microsoft Office, Acrobat PDF files, Reader & More . . .

   Support & Training Included